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Director: Jered Hyatt

The purpose of the Church of Christ Student Bible Center is to provide a "home away from home" for the students of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  We strive to provide an atmosphere rich in fellowship, stewardship, and relationship.  Our prayer is that students will find an atmosphere that encourages them and strengthens them through the Word of God.  If they have not heard his Words, we do our best to tell them!

   To tell more what the Student Bible Center is about, our goals are:

  1. We provide a home away from home.  We organize several events throughout the semester with the idea of comfort that can only come from the home.  Each Monday night we prepare a home cooked meal in which we all sit down, pray over, and eat together. Throughout the year we share birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and other holidays or special times together.  We also strive to worship together each Sunday and Wednesday.
  2. We encourage spiritual growth.  Each week the students have the opportunity to participate in several activities that promote spiritual growth.  On Monday nights we meet after our meal for an hour of singing, prayer, and study.  Each Wednesday night and Sunday morning a Bible class for the students is conducted at the local congregation.  Nearly every week we travel to one of the supporting congregations where our young men have the opportunity to lead singing, lead prayers, and preach.  Our young ladies also meet together in order to perform service projects as well as participate in other women's ministries.  We participate in several other events throughout the year as well as retreats, camp outs, local missions, and foreign mission trips.  
  3. We teach the Word of God.  Not only do we offer Monday night devotionals, Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes, but we also have been blessed to have a unique opportunity here on campus.  Southeastern has allowed our past and present directors to teach two religious courses for credit each semester.  The classes are handpicked by the SBC Director and they are open to all Southeastern students.  The topics for the classes include Life & Writings of Paul, Minor Prophets, Story of the Old Testament, Story of the New Testament, Apologetics, Revelation, and many others.  This opportunity provides for God's Word to be heard by students who may have never had the opportunity to hear it before.  Our SBC students also participate in several events during the semester that provide for personal opportunities to share the Word of God.

I hope you will come join us as we grow in Christ together!

- Jered

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